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March 10, 2011 / gallerytpw

New Power Plant website

Well, congratulations to the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery on the launch of their new website! Personally, I feel like I’ve been waiting a good fifteen years for this. A first scan and I can say I’m confident I’ll be hanging out there regularly, now that they’ve got their lectures online, new critical content just for the web, and just all around easier-to-get-to information. First order of business… a re-listen of the May lecture by Thomas Hirschhorn, one of the meatiest, most engaging lectures I’d attended in quite sometime. Just the attention and rigor with which Hischhorn develops the lexicon for his methodology… fascinating stuff, and lots to debate with. That May lecture was a good deal more interesting than the lecture he gave a few weeks ago on his Power Plant installation, Das Auge, which opens to the public tonight. I wonder if this is because the May lecture focused on one of Hirschhorn’s public site works, The Bijlmer Spinoza-Festival (which coincidentaly included a presentation of Guillaume Desanges’ workshop Child’s Play, documentation of which showed at TPW last June). By contrast, Das Auge was made for the space of the gallery. At that lecture, not yet online, the conversation around Das Auge seemed to float at the level of aesthetics and design despite Hirschhorn’s attempts to shift the focus to the politics of representation… I’m wondering if his public site works are simply more complex and more insistent on different levels of engagement than the gallery work. Of course, I haven’t seen the Das Auge installation in person yet, so I’ll have to put my analysis on hold. Which reminds me, if you’d like to discuss it together, come out to the Power Plant on Sunday, May 1st, when I’ll be leading the Sunday Scene that day, and walking through the Hirschhorn show. I’ll remind you again later, it’s still a long way off.


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